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For Your Event

our teams of talented event photographers, videographers, drone pilots, editors, and curators, all connected in real time by our advanced technology platform to capture, process, and deliver time-sensitive, superior quality imagery exactly when and where you need it

.  .  .  as the action is happening

.  .  .  and all within your existing photo/video budget

Image Traffic Control

As air traffic control is to aviation, Image Traffic Control is our proprietary photoFlow system which allows our photographers, videographers, editors, curators, publishers, and (most importantly) clients to see image opportunities in real time. Then, with targeted precision, imagery is captured, reviewed, optimized, and delivered to the client or audience in an efficient,  timely, and compelling way which is unrivaled in the event photography/video industry.

An event planner's  master plan is the "Run of Show".  Similarly, everything we do is driven by our master shot plan, the photoFlow


The photoFlow shot plan lives in a highly capable data system which connects cameras, headsets, workstations, and mobile devices so that our entire team (and client personnel) can monitor the shot plan progress in real time, but also make instant updates and edits to the plan as your event evolves and unexpected situations arise.

Our camera team and behind-the-scenes personnel follow the photoFlow plan to the letter, but are also continually looking for  great un-planned and candid shots that give an event its true "visual soul".  The result is superior imagery and great visual story telling, with no critical  images being missed.  Below is an example photoFlow excerpt.

The photoFlow Shot Plan

Scalability and Value

We carefully engineer our photoFlow services to precisely match the needs of your event and (of course) your budget.  We will present you with a very helpful "menu" pre-event so that you can select only the services and scale that you want or need. 


We never push features or personnel on a client that they won't benefit from.  We are just as happy to serve a small 500-attendee event with a single photographer as we are to serve a 50,000-attendee event with a large team of fully integrated photographers, videographers, editors, and curators/uploaders, all using our full technology platform to accomplish all of a client's imagery goals, with superior quality images in real (or near-real) time.  

And if you have a favorite photographer or videographer that you like for your events, we can even integrate them into our platform and processes. 

Our ultimate goal is to always match or exceed in value the imagery solutions you have used in the past.

The Event photoFlow difference

We have engineered our processes, technology, and human capital to maximize cost-effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness, and above all, the quality of our still and moving imagery.  Our platform drives our performance, but our talented professionals drive the great look we ultimately deliver to our clients.

We know how to be traditional and ordinary, if that's what a client is looking for.  But we also know how to help clients step out of their comfort zones by showing them exciting new ideas, angles, delivery formats, and concepts when they want us to.  We can help clients end their boring event imagery habits, and take them by the hand into the new and the exciting.  We can even bring the future to your events by leverage cutting-edge tech such as Augmented Reality and AI capabilities.  There is no event imagery solution we can not provide.  All you need to do is contact us and ask.  

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